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nice work! the whole dinkbot thing is very interesting

DinkBot responds:

I am Batzeus! Jeeze, must have been hacked......


Great job! I know the troubles that arise when trying to make every sound cut through just right but you did very well. Timing was awesome and the overall composition was well thought out. If I have one thing to point out though its at the very first vocal entrance, the volume is a bit much and the white noise mix kinda disrupted the pattern, unless of course that was what you were going for. Also...how do you like FL 11? I upgraded to 10 from 7 a few months after it came out and it took a little getting used to, but now i dont know how i ever got along without! Keep up the good work!

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I'm not sure if you're counting the Oh's in your "first vocal entrance". Technically, the first vocals appear at 28 seconds with the Oh's. In which case, that bit crushing sound was intentional. Unless you mean the first actual lyrical part, then yeah, I guess it does get a little drowned out.

I've been using FL Studio since like... I don't even remember... Back before they stopped calling it "Fruity Loops Studio"... I think that was like... FL Studio 5? I don't even know, I've been using FL a long, long time. And I do enjoy every update, so goes without saying that I like FL 11.

Thanks for the review.

Great work! Sounds like it should be in the game, really! Being a fruitylooper myself I can only imagine the time and effort put into it. Awesome drops and fade downs, the vocals just make it so real, and the alert sound...perfection. Keep it up.

Step responds:

Hey Batzeus. Thanks for leaving a review! This indeed took a long time. I think Echo and I clocked in at around 30 hours of music production to finish this (I'd open the project file to get the exact time but it takes ages to open it with all the instruments/plugins it has and I can't be arsed haha).

Anyway I'm genuinely glad you like this. Getting positive feedback like this just reassures me that all the effort we put into it was worth it :). Thanks again mate!

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